Our goal then and now is to provide quality products

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Elevator and Escalator spare parts

Where We Supply and support

With our experience in elevators and escalators for more than 30 years, we intend to be the source of quality spare parts with reasonable price.

All parts are carefully selected, and we are confident in strong technical support. You can trust in our products and services.

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We supply & support

The Supplies, Your Confident.

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Our Specialization

Sell ​​compatible parts of elevator and escalator, which selected good quality with reasonable price and after-sales support.

Elevator's part

Spare parts with full support.

technical consultation

Consultation for technical problems.

Trouble Shooter

Helping technicians to solve urgent problems.

Escalator's part

Selective parts with resonable price.

technical training

Training for elevator and escalator technicians


Helping plan for long-term technical solutions.

Our Expert Team

Our team has rich and long experience in the elevator and escalator field. We are expert in project management, installation, testing, inspection, commissioning, service and trouble shooting. We are ready to provide services with real intent.


Project Manager


System Adminstator